Team Managers

Team Managers (TMs)

DI is successful due in a large part to the volunteers who step up at every level of the program. Being a volunteer TM is a very rewarding experience when you watch your team go from planning to performance!

What is a Team Manager (TM)?
In short, a Team Manager is an adult facilitator, administrator, and supporter of a team. No experience, special skills or talents are necessary to be an TM, however the time commitment to team management can be substantial.

Training is available for both veteran TMs and Beginner TMs alike. The 2019-20 online training information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

Each team must have at least one adult (18 years of age or older) registered as its team manager. The school district decides who the TMs will be. Some TMs are teachers and others are volunteer parents. Each TM whether it be a teacher or parent will have a contract approved by the ASD Board of Education. Volunteer TMs must have a signed contract and a completed background check on file PRIOR to meeting with the team.

The TM may NOT work on the team challenge solution unless, as may be the case in College/Military teams, he or she is also a team member. The TMs responsibilities often include presenting the team challenge to the team, conducting brainstorming sessions to develop solutions to the team challenge, conducting and evaluating instant challenge practice sessions, helping the team obtain the materials and knowledge necessary to solve the team challenge , supervising practice sessions, accompanying the team to competitions, and representing the team should a problem occur.  Please review our page on Interference and consult the Rules of the Road in your Challenge material for more information.

The TM can help the team by having guest speakers visit and talk about general principles that may be useful in solving the challenges, by showing films, and by suggesting resources that give the team basic techniques with which it may work.

Team Manager Resources
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