Welcome to Algoma School District DI!

We are so proud of all our DI-ers no matter the points or the place. However, we have to share that all eight of our competitive level teams qualified to compete at the Wisconsin Affiliate tournament scheduled for April 13, 2019, at UW-Green Bay by virtue of a 1st or 2nd place finish.

In addition a few of our teams received special awards. Here are the photos that we can find so far online. If you have a picture of any of the missing teams with their ribbons/trophies that we can post, please do share!

Early Learners level (aka Rising Stars!): Magic Pop Pigs received a Renaissance Award “For Outstanding Design, Engineering, Execution, Performance”

Here are the placements for our competitive level teams:

Scientific Challenge
Secondary Level
1 place: 4 Girls and That Guy Over There

Fine Arts Challenge
Elementary Level
TIE for first place!
-Ice Ice Babys – also received the high Instant Challenge award for their level
-Cheeto Chompers

MIddle Level
1st place: Cotton Candy Monsters
2nd Place: Twisting Into 2020

Improvisational Challenge
Secondary Level
1st place: The Cherries

Engineering Challenge
Secondary Level
2nd place: Sweet Tea-m

Service Learning Challenge
Elementary Level
1st place: Project Superheroes 3.0 – Spirit of DI Award via their Instant Challenge Room

Thank you all again for your support of these students and the DI program!-