Eight ASD DI Teams Headed to State Tournament!

ASD was represented by 10 teams: one Early Learning (non-competitive) and nine competitive at our Regional tournament on March 3, 2018. Based on a first or second place finish, eight of the nine competitive teams qualified to compete at the Wisconsin Affiliate tournament on March 24, 2018, in Stevens Point.

The Challenge, level, teams, and placements are as follows:

Engineering Challenge (aka Structure Challenge)
Middle Level
The Maintenance Crew (in photo): 2nd Place
Team Members: Kendra Hedrington, Rylee Fenendael, Caitlyn Kolbeck, Sydnee Guilette, Sydney Wahlers, Aubrey Nellis, Kennedy Neuzil
Team Managers Jerry & Becky Wahlers
High Instant Challenge Score in their level and Challenge

Improvisational Challenge
Elementary Level
Rattlebones: Regional Champions
Team Members: Veronica Naze, Eva Liu, Natalie Ray, Preston Borths, Griffin Rush, Dakota Duerst, Lylah McGuire
Team Managers: Emily Rankin & Brenda Rush
High Instant Challenge Score in their level and Challenge

Middle Level
The Fluffy Chickens: Regional Champions & First Place Overall in the Middle-Level Instant Challenge
Team Members: Isaac Benz, Xadria Duffeck, Sarah Fleischman, Morgan Servaes, Dallas Thompson, Max Weyenberg
Team Managers: Sarah Servaes & Tammy Duffeck

Secondary Level
Wacky Waving Arm People: 2nd Place
Team Members: Donnie Krumpos, Anna Weyenberg, Oliver Feest, Connor Schmiling, Ashlynn Peterson, Brooklen Cloutier

Service Learning Challenge
Elementary Level
Project Super Heroes 2.0: Regional Champions, 1st Place Overall in EL Instant Challenge Room 1, and Renaissance Award Recipients
Team Members: Madelyn Borths, Liliahna Czoske, Kailani Lee, Vicky Lui, Jadyn Nellis, Madison Schneider, Mackenzie Stewart
Team Manager: Lisa Stewart

The Renaissance Award is one of the few special awards that DI offers and these awards are not given often! The Renaissance Award is given for outstanding design, engineering, execution, and performance. A description of this award is as follows:

On our journey, we sometimes encounter exceptional travelers who entertain and enlighten us along the way. The Renaissance Award recognizes those among us who demonstrate extraordinary amounts of effort and preparation in their solutions or outstanding skill in engineering, design or performance. While the destination is creativity, these fellow travelers make the journey itself memorable.

Fine Arts Challenge
Elementary Level
The Cotton Candy Monsters: Regional Champions
Team Members: Karli Hedrington, Lydia Nell, Ella Severinsen, Sylvia Toebe, Mikaela Massey, Maisen Luedke, Vivika Meverden
Team Managers: Jillaine Toebe, Nicole Meverden
High Instant Challenge Score in their level and Challenge

Scientific Challenge
Elementary Level
Team Galaxy: Regional Champions, 1st Place Overall in EL Instant Challenge Room 2
Team Members: Parker Stewart, Tinley Eastman, Brady Cloutier, Bristol Schmidt, Sikoya Neuzil, Landon Schneider, Berkley VanLanen
Team Managers: Heather Cloutier & Lisa Stewart
It should be noted that this team is made up of 1st and 2nd graders entering the competitive level for the first time. They compete against teams in up through 5th grade.

Secondary Level
Last Raps: Regional Champions
Team Members: Ben Fahrenkrug, Oliver Sealey, Grace Toebe, Montana Grosbeier, Courtney Guilette, Connor Preston
Team Managers: Mark Grosbeier & Mike Guilette