Meet The Teams: Cheeto Chompers

The Cheeto Chompers is an Elementary Level team who chose to solve the Fine Arts Challenge, Game On.

The team tied as the 2019 BayLake Regional  Champions (March 2, 2019), and placed 6th at the Wisconsin State tournament held at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay on April 13, 2019.

For this Challenge, teams had to:

  • Select a real Game from any time period and research its history, design, and use.
  • Create and present a story through 2 points of view that integrates research of the team-selected Game.
  • Design and create a Game Gizmo where one or more team members must be a physical part of the  Gizmo and integrate it into the Presentation.
  • Use  the Game Gizmo to cause one or more actions or events to occur during the Presentation.
  • Design and create a Container in which all items used in the team’s solution must be placed before the team starts the presentation.
  • Cause the Container to go through some sort of  transformation during the presentation.
  • Have  either the Container or the Game Gizmo as a Technical Element. which uses Technical Methods to accomplish a task during the Presentation.

About The Challenge Solution Presentation

The team selected the game Operation and decided on a castle theme. The characters in the presentation represent roles of hospital staff.

At this Monster Medical College Dungeon anything can happen but you better watch out or you might wake up the dungeons hungry dragon.  At the front desk of this Monster Medical College we have Tracy and her talking carrot loving Venus Fly Trap Sylvester making sure everything runs in tip top shape.

Dr Bob is teaching nurses Lacy and Casey how to operate. But they aren’t ready for a real patient so they are learning on a Monster version of the game Operation. After the talking instruction manual explains the game the nurses take turns removing pieces form George Blue (the monster on the game board) but George Blue isn’t asleep and he has A LOT of opinions on the skills of these nurses.

  • Cheeto Chompers


Team members are Brady, Bristol, Tinley, Berkley, Jack, Sikoya, and Parker.  The Team Managers are Heather Cloutier and Lisa Stewart.