Meet The Teams: Project Superheroes 3.0

When someone asks the question, ‘What is DI?, even those of us who have been involved in the program have a hard time summing it up in a nice neat package. We will attempt to share what the program is about by introducing our teams, giving you the basics of the Challenge they chose to solve, and a brief synopsis of each team’s solutions.

First up, meet our 2019 BayLake Regional and Wisconsin State Champions, Project Superheroes 3.0. This team will be traveling to Kansas City, MO at the end of May to compete against teams from all over the world in the Elementary Level of the Service Learning Challenge.

The name of the 2019 Service Learning Challenge is Escape Artists.

For this Challenge, teams had to:

  • Choose a real community and identify a need to address within that community.
  • Plan and carry out a project that addresses the team-identified need.
  • Integrate information about the future of the Project and how it could impact the community in the future, into the tournament Presentation.

Before the  team’s first tournament, they had to plan and carry out at least one event or activity that is designed to help meet the need of the community.

For the Project presentation at the tournament, the teams are to  create and theatrically present a story about characters who attempt an escape and explain why. They are to use storytelling techniques to build suspense about whether the characters will escape.

Project information must be integrated through three different team-created clues that help the characters in the story. The story should include at least one Project goal as well as integrate information about at least one Project event or activity.

The Superheroes chose the elementary school as their community and wanting to spread more kindness was their community need. They wanted to show how small acts of kindness make people feel good and make them want to be kind to others. To do this they created a few kindness activities at school.

Project Superheroes 3.0 Sricky Notes

In December they did “12 Days of Kindmas” giving suggestions of ways kids can be kind at school for the 12 days leading up to winter break. In February they challenged the school to a Kindness War, trying to see which classroom could complete the most acts of kindness in a week. As a school they completed 527 kind acts. Over spring break they wrote over 600 kind post it notes to spread around the elementary school.

About The Challenge Solution Presentation
Project Superheroes created a creepy skit complete with suspense and sound effects about twins trying to escape from the evil Desdemona and her creepy dolls. The twins have to solve the three clues with each clue leading them closer to the phrase Kindness Is Contagious. Once the twins figure out the phrase they realize they need to be kind to Desdemona so she will be kind to them and let them free.

Teams are scored on the required elements of the Challenge and not the project itself, or whether or not the project itself was successful. Team members create and design all the props, scenery and costumes, and write their own stories and scripts.

Team members are Lili, Madelyn, Mackenzie, Kailani, Vicky, Madison, and Jadyn.  The Team Manager is Lisa Stewart.  The team received the Spirit of DI Award at the 2019 BayLake Regional tournament and  previously competed at Global Finals in 2017.